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Laboratory of Cerebral Cortex Development

PI: Antonello Mallamaci

The laboratory's activities is focused in molecular mechanisms specifying embryonic cortico-cerebral precursors and regulating their proliferation-differentiation profile.

Laboratory of Evolutionary neurobiology

PI: Carmen Falcone
The laboratory focuses on the study of astrocyte roles in the primate brain, and, more generally, on the understanding of cortical astrocytes roles in the evolution and development of the mammalian brain.

Laboratory of Neurogenetics

PI: Alessia Soldano

The laboratory of Neurogenetics is using Drosophila melanogaster as a model organism to investigate the genetics and the molecular mechanisms underlying differentiation, circuit formation and neuron-glia interaction during brain development and in nervous system diseases.

Laboratory of Prion Biology

PI: Giuseppe Legname

The focus of the Prion Biology Laboratory is studying prion diseases, rare and fatal neurodegenerative maladies that affect humans and animals for which there is no diagnostic tool, nor a cure.

Laboratory of Computational Genomics

PI: Remo Sanges

The Computational Genomics Laboratory is interested in understanding molecular evolutionary innovations at the basis of the eukaryotic cell functioning and the evolution of complexity.

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