Main goal of the PhD Course in Structural and Functional Genomics is the training of enthusiastic, creative and intellectually independent young scientists, focusing their interests in a broad spectrum of biological research disciplines.

Research projects span from genomics, transcriptomics and developmental neurobiology to structural biology, molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration, system biology and gene therapy.

Didactics includes:

  • Theoretical courses
  • Technical courses
  • Intense dialectic interaction with scientific supervisors, in planning as well as in critical evaluation of experimental activity
  • Seminars
  • Journal clubs
  • Workshops
  • Meetings and congresses 

The training offer is planned by the Faculty and approved by the Academic bodies of the School. In general, during the first year, several scientific courses are planned for a total of 2 cycles (about 130 hours) whose attendance is mandatory. In addition, a series of technical courses, shared with the other PhD courses of the Neuroscience Area and aimed at introducing students to the different technologies present in the Area, are given at the beginning of the PhD course (about 40 hours). There are no final exams, nor the assignment of formal credits. During the second and third years we organize specialized learning courses (monographic, mandatory attendance, average duration 38 hours each), addressed to a subset of students according to their research project.

At the beginning of the PhD course, students receive information about the available research projects, which constitute the fundamental element of the PhD course. Each new student will start working on a research project under the supervision of a Professor from the Faculty. The choice of the available projects aims at matching the student own experience and research interests with the needs of the research programs of the Course. Every student is expected to work on his/her research project for an average of 35 hours per week when no additional commitments (courses, seminars, journal club, etc.) are scheduled. More information can be found in the “General Rules of the PhD Program” document in the PhD Regulations section.

Here is the list of the courses organized in the last academic years and planned also for the 2022/2023:

Scientific courses

Monographic courses

Technical courses of the Neuroscience Area

  • Introduction to Electronics, Dr. E. Zorzin (20 hours)

  • Microscopy Techniques, Dr. M. Grandolfo (10 hours)

  • Immunohistochemistry, Dr. M. Grandolfo (4 hours)

  • Handling laboratory animals, Dr. A. Petrocelli (14 hours)

  • Introduction to 3D, Dr. M. Gigante (1 hour)

  • Cell cultures, Dr. F. Ferrero and Dr. B. Pastore (8 hours)

  • Molecular biology facilities, Dr. H. Krmac and Dr. C. Vlachouli (2 hours)

  • Information technology systems, Dr. A. Tomicich (2 hours)