Simone Frisari

PhD supervisor: Prof. Antonello Mallamaci, Laboratory of Cerebral Cortex Development

Summary of career/studies:

I graduated in Biological Sciences at the Parthenope University in Naples, then I obtained my Master's degree in Genetics and Technology Sciences at the “Biogem s.c.a.r.l.” research institute in 2017. I performed my master thesis in Coimbra (PT), working on neuronal death followed by ischemic event in vitro, and then I moved to Katholic University in Leuven (BE), where I was involved in a in a project aiming to investigate the cell-type specific localization of the RASopathy gene Spred1. Currently, I am enrolled in the first year of Functional and structural genomics PhD program, investigating the role of Foxg1 in cortical and ganglionic neurons during the embryonic development.