Silvana Bochicchio

PhD supervisor: Prof. Remo Sanges, Computational Genomics Laboratory

Summary of career/studies:

I graduated in Biological Sciences at the University of Naples - Federico II in 2016. Then, I obtained my master’s degree in Functional Genomics at the University of Trieste in 2019. During my master thesis project, I worked on the characterization of kinases regulating YAP/TAZ, two transcriptional coactivators whose deregulation is frequently involved in breast cancer. 

I decided to join the Functional and Structural Genomics PhD course in the Computational Genomics Laboratory for the exciting possibility to combine the experimental “wet lab” experience with the computational one. I’ll be working on a project aimed to understand the function of the protein AHDC1 in a neurodevelopmental disorder called Xia-Gibbs syndrome. I would also like to address the physiological role of AHDC1 and how its mutations can cause disease.