Foxg1 Antagonizes Neocortical Stem Cell Progression to Astrogenesis


1 March, 2019


Carmen Falcone, Manuela Santo, Gabriele Liuzzi, Noemi Cannizzaro, Clara Grudina, Erica Valencic, Luca Peruzzotti-Jametti, Stefano Pluchino, Antonello Mallamaci

Foxg1 exerts a pleiotropic control on brain morphogenesis. Mutations in this transcription factor gene lead to a complex neurological syndrome, including brain malformation, EEG anomalies, behaviourial abnormalities and cognitive impairment. This paper describes the key role played by Foxg1 in fine regulation of the balance between neuronal and glial generation within the developing neocortex. It reports a dissection of mechanisms mediating its action and provides proof-of-principle of conservation of this function in placental mammals.