Neurological disease: it's not just about genes anymore


Tuesday, 7 July, 2020

He took his Phd at TIGEM in Italy, in the lab of Sandro Banfi, working in the microRNA field. He developed two important predictors: HOCTAR (Genome Research, 2009) and CoMeTa (Genome Research, 2012), whose prediction accuracy reaches nearly 100%. CoMeTa was the first tool to infer the biological pathways of each human miRNA based on the identification of its set of target genes. HOCTAR led to the discovery of the function of miR-128, which controls the master gene TFEB (Science, 2009).

After the PhD he started to become interested in neuroscience and joined the laboratory of Prof. Huda Zoghbi at the Baylor College of Medicine for his postdoc. Here he studied the regulation of the epigenetic factor MECP2 during neurodevelopment (Genes & Development, 2013) and the post-translational modification of Ataxin1, a protein involved in neurodegenerative disease (Cell, 2015 and Cell, 2018).

He is now assistant Professor at the Columbia University and his lab focuses on the following aspects:

- RNA-binding proteins and non-coding RNA regulatory networks in neurological disorders
- Establishment and maintenance of RNA homeostasis in the brain
- Development of RNA therapeutic approaches to neurological diseases
- Protein dosage and neurological disorders

Selected publications:

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