Paolo Carloni


Paolo Carloni  got his Ph.D. in Chemistry (majoring in computational biophysics) at the University of Florence, Italy, in 1993. His thesis focused on Theoretical studies on metalloproteins, under the guidance of Lucia Banci, Pier Luigi Orioli (University of Florence) and  Michele Parrinello, then at the IBM Zurich Research Laboratory.

Paolo is now professor in computational biophysics at the German Research School (GRS, at the Juelich Research Center and at the RWTH- University of Aachen, after spending 11 years as Professor in SISSA (1998-2009).

Paolo’s research focuses on molecular simulation and bioinformatics approaches to molecular biophysics, molecular medicine and structural genomics. Paolo has published 165 papers in peer-reviewed international journals and edited one book, with an h-index of 34. He has given more than one hundred seminars and colloquia delivered throughout the world at major universities, research and industrial laboratories, and professional meetings. He has also enjoyed organizing more than a dozen of international conferences. One of his major interest is high-level education in computational biology: indeed, so far has co-supervised the PhD thesis of 26 students.

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