Antonio Simeone


Antonio Simeone is Group Leader at the CEINGE Biotecnologie Avanzate (Naples), CNR Director of Research at the Institute of Genetics and Biophysics, A. Buzzati Traverso (IGB-ABT) (Naples) and Professor at the CEINGE site of the European School of Molecular Medicine (SEMM). He received his Ph.D in cellular and molecular genetics at the IGB-ABT. Subsequently he attained Group Leader status at the same institute before moving to the MRC Centre for Developmental Neurobiology (London) in 2000. In London he was Professor of Developmental Genetics at King’s College London.

His major achievement is the isolation and functional characterisation of Otx genes for which he received the Liliane-Bettencourt Life Science Award in 2000. His research has focused on the molecular mechanisms underlying specification and patterning as well as evolution of the developing mammalian brain. In the last years his interest has concentrated on the genetic pathway controlling identity and fate of dopaminergic progenitors in the ventral midbrain, and the mechanism through which murine Embryonic Stem cells differentiate into a mature and pluripotent Epiblast.

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