Claudia Sgherza

I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology at University of Bari Aldo Moro which triggered passion in RNA therapeutics, molecular pathology, and genetics thanks to Prof. Mario Ventura.
Then, I moved to Trieste for master’s degree in Medical Biotechnology and I completed an undergraduate research internship at RNA Biology Laboratory (ICGEB, Trieste) under the supervision of Prof. Marco Baralle with Prof. Emanuele Buratti from Molecular Pathology Laboratory (ICGEB, Trieste). The master thesis project aims to better understand the etiopathogenesis of a rare muscular disease (sIBM) looking for biomarkers by characterizing patients’ transcriptome to highlight related TDP-43-dependent alterations (DEGs and cryptic exons) due to the emerging pathogenetic role of this hnRNP.

Therefore, I decided to enrol in Functional and Structural Genomics Program in the Laboratory of Cerebral Cortex Development where I can pursue my interests in molecular biology, ncRNA-methodologies, and gene editing in the neurodevelopment field.