Anna Burato

PhD supervisor: Prof. Giuseppe Legname, Laboratory of Prion Biology

Summary of career/studies:

I obtained my Master degree in Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Trento (CIMeC), during which I spent 6 months at the University of Kansas (US) as an exchange student.

Due to my strong interest in biology, I spent the last academic year in the Molecular Biology Lab headed by Prof. Vallortigara, where I firstly approached the importance of genetics in brain studies.

I have always found myself extremely interested in the neurobiological bases of neurodegenerative disorders, and I was looking for a laboratory able to link my passion for genetics and my willing to get involved in treatments' development.

Thus, given the potentiality of protein science in giving better insights on neurodegenerative diseases, and specifically of prions and prions-like' studies, I've chosen to enroll in the Functional and Structural Genomics PhD course, taking the opportunity to work at Legname's Lab.